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HearAtLast offers a simple and affordable new approach to hearing assessments and hearing aid dispensing. Our product line focuses on the latest in hearing devices and our Neuro-Compensator hearing aid; the MOST ADVANCED HEARING AID IN THE WORLD.

All HearAtLast Clinics feature the latest in state-of-the-art clinical testing equipment, where our audiologists or hearing instrument specialists perform the most sophisticated array of tests in Canada, all at NO CHARGE to you.

HearAtLast dispenses a wide variety of brand name high quality digital hearing aids. Upon completion of your clinical assessment and approval from a third party signing authority, our licensed staff are able to dispense your hearing aid in "about an hour." HearAtLast is conveniently located in select Wal-Marts in Canada and now we also have locations in select AppleTree Medical Clinic locations.


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